Values, Aims and Ethos

We believe that education is a process through which we encourage the personal development of each child so that he/she will become a thinking adult who is able to appreciate and act upon the personal and social opportunities and responsibilities to be found in a changing society.

 In order to fulfil the high expectations of our community, we aim:

1) To provide a caring, secure, stimulating environment where each child is supported and valued as an individual, enjoying success and encouraged to take risks.

2)  To nurture every child's self-esteem and develop independence, while encouraging self-discipline, good manners and consideration for other people and their property.

3) To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that is appropriate for each individual child, as we seek to develop his / her full potential.

4) To provide opportunities within the curriculum to develop and support the child physically, socially, morally and creatively.

5) To encourage the involvement of parents / carers and members of the wider community in school life to enhance learning opportunities for all pupils.

6) To develop children's awareness of our rural community and its place in the wider, diverse world and of the interdependence between its various village communities and the environment.