School Uniform

Our school uniform consists of:

  • Grey or black trousers/shorts/skirts or pinafore dresses
  • Green sweatshirt or green cardigans
  • White blouse or shirt
  • White or green polo shirts
  • Green checked dresses for summer
  • Sensible dark footwear (full shoe)

All pupils are strongly encouraged to wear school uniform, as we feel it is important that pupils adhere to certain standards and it also provides a sense of unity and identity for the pupils.  Items of clothing with the School Logo can be ordered through the uniform shop on the school website.

Please ensure that all school clothes, shoes, and PE kits are clearly named.


For health and safety reasons the wearing of jewellery will be restricted to one pair of plain, stud earrings and a wristwatch.  Pupils will need to remove these items for all P.E. lessons.  Members of staff are not allowed to remove or insert earrings in the interests of health and safety.

We would ask that if ears are to be pierced, they should be done at the beginning of the summer holidays to avoid missing P.E. lessons.  P.E. is a National Curriculum subject and legally cannot be missed.

The wearing of nail varnish is not in keeping with school policy and children should not wear it to school.


Pupils should change into suitable clothing for Physical Education lessons.  Clothing will vary according to whether pupils are working indoors or outdoors.

INDOOR         A plain white T-shirt style top with round or V-neck, no buttons, logo* optional with plain black P.E. shorts/Cycle shorts.

OUTDOOR     As above with a zipped-up sweatshirt/tracksuit top in plain black/dark colours with joggers/tracksuit bottoms, trainers or pumps (not the same footwear as worn throughout the school day). Please ensure your child can tie their own laces, otherwise slip-on or Velcro is the best option.

 White or black socks look smarter when pupils compete for the school.

 *School logo items are available from via our Uniform Shop menu on this website.

 All these items must be labelled. 

Jewellery must be removed for P. E. lessons as watches and earrings are a potential danger both to the wearer and to other pupils.  Long hair, which may obstruct the pupil’s vision or may get caught in apparatus, must be tied back.