Investors In Pupils

Bubwith Primary is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Investors In Pupils Award!



Official confirmation!

Here is the official report and letter to pupils confirming the award of Investors In Pupils to Bubwith School!

File icon: pdf Bubwith Primary First Assessment report [pdf 170KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Bubwith Primary Pupil Letter [pdf 120KB] Click to download

What is it?

The Investors in Pupils programme is an established national quality mark to recognise, develop and extend pupil/student voice and participation strategies in schools and educational settings building young people’s life skills, character and resilience. Supporting personalised learning, the programme fosters healthy relations; pupil to pupil and pupil to adults, leading to greater pupil responsibility over their own learning and behaviour and providing a powerful tool for developing a positive whole-school team ethos.

The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are:



Classroom Management



The programme is very important for Bubwith children as it helps them to know:

  • How they can contribute towards their own learning by increasing their involvement and working as a team.
  • The roles and responsibilities of everyone in school.
  • The importance of coming to school every day.
  • The cost of our equipment and how we spend our class budgets.
  • Who our Governors are and what they do.
  • What each member of staff does and how adults in school as well as the children are on a journey of life-long learning.
  • How to look after new children and staff in school.
  • The benefits of making good choices.
  • That they are an important part of their class and school.

What are we doing already to meet the award criteria?


  • School attendance is already good.Children receive certificates acknowledging 100% attendance on a termly basis.Pupils know that attendance and punctuality are important for their learning.


  • Behaviour is good throughout school.Pupils are friendly, courteous and helpful throughout the day as can be evidence through the ‘Thank you book’ and behaviour rewards system.The school has 3 ’rights’ rather than ‘school rules stating that all members of the school community has the right to:
  • Be and feel safe.
  • From these rights, individual classes develop their own class rules.  Each class has a behaviour traffic light.  All pupils start each session on green showing that they are displaying good/ desired behaviour.  Any pupils who make the wrong choices are moved onto amber/ red in line with the agreed school sanctions (see behaviour policy for greater detail), and may lose some of their free time as a result.  The high behaviour expectations result in the vast majority of pupils remaining on green on a daily basis and, as a result, the atmosphere in school is calm and purposeful.

  • When the current Headteacher first came to Bubwith, a house points system was chosen by the pupils to reinforce good behaviour, achievement and attitudes.When a pupil is told they have a house point, they can add to their tally on display in their classroom.In class, each time ten points are achieved, children can take a dip in the class teacher’s prize box.In weekly assemblies, the house points tallies for the whole school for the week are shared and a weekly winner (foxes/ hedgehogs/ badgers/ wolves) are declared.At the end of a half term, the team that has secured the most weekly wins gains extra playtime with the Head teacher.
  • The house points are not exclusively given by adults.Pupils with specific Investors In Pupils monitor roles such as the ‘Assembly Angels’ can award points to other pupils for good behaviour.


School and Class Management including knowledge of school finance

  • Pupils are given many opportunities to take on responsibilities throughout the school. Classroom responsibilities (monitor jobs) are displayed in the classrooms.Whole school roles are announced in assemblies and pupils apply officially for them and, in some cases, undergo interview and ‘trial periods’ to prove that they are up to the job.This is for roles such as ‘Super Squad’; ‘Dinner Helpers’; ‘Corridor Crew’; ‘Office Angels’ and ‘Assembly Angels’.
  • The school council is elected annually and works closely with the Headteacher and Investors In Pupils coordinator to bring about school improvements with a pupil voice input.Prospective school councillors must write a manifesto and give a presentation to their peers prior to the election.
  • The school council comprises pupils from years 2-6 with older pupils acting as representatives for the YR-1 classes.They have been influential in making meaningful change such as implementing a tuck shop at break times and selecting break time play equipment (having approached the FOBS for funding).They also consult classes on matters such as where to donate monies raised via charitable events.
  • Super squad have provided valuable support to help mediate in small issues arising between pupils at lunchtimes.
  • Dinner monitors provide much needed assistance, particularly to KS1 pupils, to ensure the two dinner sittings can happen in a timely fashion.
  • The assembly angels promote good listening in assemblies through house point rewards and are skilled in quietly reminding individuals of correct behaviour during assembly times.
  • The corridor crew report to the school on a weekly basis providing feedback about the state of each cloakroom and pupils are looking after the corridor spaces better as a result.
  • All classes have undertaken financial management lessons linked to mathematics.Classrooms now display reminders about the cost of resources to encourage children to look after the resources they are given. A financial understanding display in the KS2 corridor shows the work that the older pupils have undertaken linked to school budgets where they interviewed the School Business Manager – Miss Moore – to find out more about how school finances are spent and what Miss Moore’s job entails.
  • Pupils involved in enterprise initiatives e.g. sponsored spell to generate funds for a whole class treat/ tuck shop.
  • School council have worked with FOBS to choose new playground equipment.



  • Investors In Pupils displays to be finely tuned around school and in classes to ensure pupils are aware of the 5 areas of IIP and to include Investors In Pupils logo to highlight/promote the award.The school is doing a lot towards the award but does not always highlight in the pupils’ minds that the work being undertaken has a direct IIP link.
  • We need to further improve the target setting process to include a termly/ half termly focus across school i.e. writing target/ reading target/ maths target/ presentation target/ behaviour target/ home or organisational target.We also need a better target review format. The pupils should be able to decide when they feel they have achieved the target and be encouraged to record and evidence that the target has been met.Whilst parent/carers are made aware of the ‘front of book’ targets they could also be informed of their children’s IIP targets too. 
  • Class target process to be more formalised i.e. agree whole school how many times T has to see it achieved before reward earned (ten times?)e.g. Target might be: pupils line up without chatter to leave the classroom. Each time it is achieved a tally/ counter on display moved up towards target achieved.Display also to include previous target/ new target to show on-going nature of target setting process.



  • Each class needs to review previous year’s induction booklet and ensure any pages in need of update are updated.