What more needs to be done to meet the award criteria?

(This forms the basis of our Autumn Term 2018-19 Investors In Pupils Action Plan)


  • Consult the school council about ideas to promote/ reward good attendance.How could we further promote good attendance (display/ reward)?



  • Consult the school council to review ideas and initiatives to improve behaviour in the dining hall at lunchtimes.Refine systems and put into place new ideas to improve this further.

    School and Class Management including knowledge of school finance

  • Re-elect school councillors
  • Involve the school council in further work to bring about whole school change and improvement
  • Create an Investors In Pupils team.Team to interview a member of staff on a regular basis during assemblies to ensure whole school awareness of the different roles adults undertake (caretaker/ cook/ Head teacher/ Business Manager/ TA/ PE cover teacher). Following this, a display board (where the ‘Have your Say’ board is currently located) will be developed by Investors In Pupils team to summarise the findings of the assembly.


  • Investors In Pupils displays to be finely tuned around school and in classes to ensure pupils are aware of the 5 areas of IIP and to include Investors In Pupils logo to highlight/promote the award.The school is doing a lot towards the award but does not always highlight in the pupils’ minds that the work being undertaken has a direct IIP link.
  • We need to further improve the target setting process to include a termly/ half termly focus across school i.e. writing target/ reading target/ maths target/ presentation target/ behaviour target/ home or organisational target.We also need a better target review format. The pupils should be able to decide when they feel they have achieved the target and be encouraged to record and evidence that the target has been met.Whilst parent/carers are made aware of the ‘front of book’ targets they could also be informed of their children’s IIP targets too.
  • Class target process to be more formalised i.e. agree whole school how many times T has to see it achieved before reward earned (ten times?)e.g. Target might be: pupils line up without chatter to leave the classroom. Each time it is achieved a tally/ counter on display moved up towards target achieved.Display also to include previous target/ new target to show on-going nature of target setting process.
  • Induction

  • Each class needs to review previous year’s induction booklet and ensure any pages in need of update are updated.