Yabba-Dabba-Do! (The Stone Age) - Autumn Term Topic

Throughout Autumn term, Oak class have been studying the Stone Age.  We have made stone age tunics in DT, learned about life in the stone age during history and looked at cave paintings in art.



A Taste Of History Workshop

During the topic, we had a visit from Elspeth Johnshon who led the 'Taste of History' workshop.  We prepared and cooked food using ingredients that were available during the mesolithic period.  Once made, we tasted the dishes and rated them.  We discussed our most and least favourites.

Tunic making

In Oak class during the Autumn term 1, everyone made a tunic.  The Stone Age people were the first people to use needles (made of bone) and it inspired us to make simple tunics like the ones they would have worn but we put our own modern 'twist' into ours.