Bubwith Community Primary School

Staff profiles


Mrs N Stephenson Barr - Headteacher

Miss A Bailiss - Assistant Headteacher and Class Teacher of Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs A Deighton - Class Teacher of Early Years Foundation Stage (also known as Reception) Mon/Tues

Mrs R Cutler -   Class Teacher of Early Years Foundation Stage (also known as Reception) Wed-Fri

Mrs J Sowerbutts - Class Teacher of Year 1 

Mrs S Wiles - Class Teacher of Year 2

MIss R Smith - Class Teacher of Year 3 and Year 4

Mr S Parker - Class Teacher of Year 4 and Year 5

Office Staff

Miss L Moore, School Business Manager

Mrs J Baxter, School Administration Assistant

Nursery Nurse

 Mrs H Littlefield

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Douglas - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Heaversedge

Mrs K Yellup

Mrs J Mustard

Mrs L O'Neill

Mrs J Varga

Dinner Supervisors

 Mrs B Penistone - Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs J Parker

Mrs J Vinton

Mrs J Mulvana

Mrs R Collier


Kitchen Staff

 Mrs J Steels, Cook-in-Charge

 Miss G Hamilton, Kitchen Assistant



Mrs J Parker        


 Mrs T Bird