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Parents are legally responsible for ensuring their children receive education in accordance with section 7 of the Education Act 1996 and, if on a school roll, that they regularly attend school.

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Unexpected Absence

Parents / carers are asked to call school before 8.55 a.m. on the morning of the first day of a child's unplanned absence to convey information regarding the nature of the absence and the date of the expected return to school of the child, if known. Where the latter is hard to predict, we ask parents / carers to call on a regular basis with updates regarding their child's progress.

Requests for Planned Absence

Parents / carers may need to request planned absence for pupils during the school day on rare occasions. Such absences, including those for important medical appointments, should be discussed with the school prior to the absence. Parents / carers may be asked to provide documentary evidence e.g. hospital appointment card to confirm the need for absence during the school day.

Requests for Other Planned Absence

There may be rare occasions when parents / carers consider an absence from school  falls under the category of 'absence from school for exceptional circumstances'. In these instances, parents / carers may apply to the school for authorised absence. Forms are available from the school office for this purpose and should be returned for the Headteacher's attention. Parents / carers will then be informed in writing of the Headteacher's decision. Where the absence is not directly outlined in the Local Authority Policy adopted by the school, the Headteacher will contact Education Welfare to discuss the request for absence and a decision will then be given in writing to parents / carers regarding the authorisation or refusal to grant authorised absence. Parents / carers may be required to provide documentary evidence to support the request for absence.

More information is available by clicking on the links below and by visiting the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's website - http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/learning/schools-colleges-and-academies/school-attendance/

information for Parents - Exceptional Circumstances

Term Time Holidays

Headteachers cannot authorise absence for the purpose of a term time holiday during term time. If parents / carers consider the time from school falls under the category of 'absence from school for exceptional circumstances', then the appropriate form should be completed and the Headteacher will discuss the matter with Education Welfare. Parents / carers will be informed of the outcome in writing.

Term Time Holiday Requests

Term Time Holiday Requests.pdf 

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances - Local Authority Policy adopted by the Governing Body

Absence From School For Exceptional Circumstances Policy.pdf

This policy outlines what is considered to be 'exceptional circumstances' for authorised absence from school.