Bubwith Community Primary School

Special Educational Needs

At Bubwith Community Primary School, we seek to foster a secure, caring atmosphere where each child and their abilities are valued. Our SEN policy builds on our school Inclusion Policy which recognises the entitlement of all pupils to a balanced, broadly based curriculum. Our Special Educational Needs policy reinforces the need for teaching that is fully inclusive.

Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities

The Governing Body ensures that appropriate provision will be made for all pupils with Special Educational Needs. The school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs J Marshall. It is her role to work with pupils, parents / carers, teachers, support staff, governors and outside agencies to ensure that pupils with Special Needs and / or disabilities receive appropriate provision and support, thus enabling them to make good progress in their learning.

The school currently purchases the skills and expertise of a Specialist Consultant Teacher – SEN – to ensure that appropriate provision is planned for, implemented and reviewed to support learning. In addition, the school has access to the support of the Local Authority Educational Psychologist and other professionals. Parental permission must be sought before referral can be made to outside agencies.

Our current SEN Policy can be found under the 'Policies' tab on the menu. This policy is under revision to ensure it is in line with the new Code of Practice from September 2014.

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Special Educational Needs Information Report - updated November 2014

SEN Information Report - November 2014.pdf

The School's Local Offer

 Provider Report - Jan 14 - Bubwith Community Primary School.pdf

The Local Authority Offer

Parents / carers can find information regarding the Local Authority’s provision for pupils with SEN by going to the Family Information Service’s website. The website address is www.eastridinglocaloffer.org.uk. Further information is available by calling the Families Information Service Hub (FISH) on 01482 396469.